Construction DB, Thermoplastic, Polycarbonate, Hensel, Thane, India

Akshat Enterprises was started in the year of 1996 with the aim of providing technically correct and financially viable solutions in the field of Instrumentation and Automation. We hope to rise and excel in distribution and logistics for quality products in the field of Electrical, Automation and Instrumentation.                                                        



Assembly for Construction Site


Assembly for Construction Sites IP44 - IP65

Assembly for Construction Sites IP44 - IP65  

  Thermoplastic ( polycarbonate)
  Insulated And Shockproof
  Dust Proof And Water Tight
  Anti Corrosive
  Outgoings Via CEE Sockets
  Inner Cover For Operators
  Choice Of Mounting Frames
  As Per IEC/ EN 60439 - 4,
    particular requirements for
    Assemblies For Construction Sites


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